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Scratch-free surfaces are critical for plated flanges to ensure the best die attach.

Materion’s proprietary plating process produces flange surfaces that are free of pits, scratches and other defects, thus solving one of your major quality challenges.  Our superior quality flanges are plated with Ni:Co + Au for high-performance use in RF transistors, FETs and MMICs.

  • The flange material can be pure Cu, Mo or W, or the composites CuW, CuMo, Cu-CuMo-Cu lamination (CPC), or Cu-Mo-Cu lamination (CMC)
  • Our flanges are plated with electrolytic nickel, copper and gold for reliability and are compatible with AuSi eutectic die attach

Our advanced material custom plated flanges accommodate multiple applications to meet your microelectronics device requirements. 


Our engineers partner with you to identify the optimal ceramic package plated flange to enable a variety of RF applications:

  • Substrates for gold-plated BeO pill packages
  • Discrete ringframes that are epoxied onto the flange
  • Circuit boards with cut-outs

Please CONTACT US to order plated flanges or other packaging materials.