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Our metal shims and heatspreaders provide superior thermal management.

We manufacture parts of pure metals, alloys or clad, that can be plated with Ni and/or Ni and Au and stamped into a wide variety of sizes and shapes. As such, they are excellent "heat spreaders" for a variety of microelectronics applications.


Moly Tabs
    > Die attach preforms used as die mounts that act as thermal conductors & buffers to compensate for thermal expansion mismatch between the die and substrate
    > Tabs can be easily removed for re-use and can be clad & plated according to your specifications
Bonding Pads
    > Die attached preforms with two layers of clad material product, typically using copper, Kovar, or Alloy 42 as the base material, aluminum as the top layer, and gold-silicon, gold-germanium or gold-tin solder as typical bottom clad layer  
    > Pads mitigate several problems by providing aluminum surfaces for wire bonding which eliminates issues with "purple plague" and "down-bonding"

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Our durable thermal management products are:

  • Offered in a range of shapes including squares, rectangles, discs & custom specialty shapes to meet your needs
  • Available in a variety of dimensions,  down to a thickness of 0.005” and areas as small as 0.015 in2
  • Stamped in your choice of metals that include Molybdenum, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Ni-clad Mo

  • Plated with Ni,  or Ni + Au