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We design and manufacture optical filters in a broad wavelength range from ultra violet to the far infrared to meet the unique requirements of diverse markets including: space, astronomy, defense, thermal imaging, medical instrumentation, 3D sensing, gas & flame detection, process control, semiconductor and automotive sensing & display.


Whether terrestrial, astronomical, space-based or defense applications, we have the right filter for you. We manufacture high performance filters that enable LIDAR systems as well as filters for imaging & instrumentation on major telescopes.

Astronomical Filter Advantages

  • Ultra narrow bandpass filters exhibit superior discrimination
  • Capability to coat large filters up to 30 inches in diameter
  • Rugged and resistant to external ground & space environments
  • Spectrally stable elements made to exacting tolerances
  • High reflectance mirrors with very low polarization
  • Coatings for deformable mirrors
  • Solar suppression minimizes system thermal loads


We offer optical interference filters and thermal imaging filters for applications supporting diverse industries: medical, chemical, biotechnology, environmental, fluorescence imaging, commercial, industrial and more.

Raman and Fluorescence Filter Advantages

  • Optical interference filters provide exceptional image contrast
  • Fluorescent filters that perform consistently from ultraviolet through near infrared
  • Long life spans for science, medical and analytical uses

Thermal Imaging Filter Advantages

  • High signal-to-noise ratio for less noise and enhanced thermal image
  • Notch filters to protect imaging sensors from laser detection
  • Anti-reflective coatings for high transmission


Whether your sensor applications are for 3D gesture recognition for gaming, smart tv, signage, or instrumentation; or for commercial gas and flame detection, we manufacture precision filters to meet your requirements.

Gesture Control Filter Advantages

  • Designed with low angle sensitivity for large field-of-view applications
  • Spectral design flexibility for wavelength, bandwidth & blocking ranges 

Flame & Gas Detection Filter Advantages

  • Multiple filters can be patterned into an array allowing for a single detector for multiple gases
  • Available in broad range of bandwidths or custom designed to your requirements
  • Custom IR filters can identify any gas with a signature in the IR spectrum 


Our variety of filters can meet the broad requirements of commercial applications ranging from process control to semiconductor to multiple automotive applications including night vision and head-up displays.

Automotive Filter Advantages

  • Antireflective coatings for cameras optimize night vision
  • High performance optics for head-up displays
  • Dichroic filters for excellent optical & mechanical stability
  • Mirrors resist scratches & corrosion
  • Wafer-level processes produce durable long wave coatings

Process Control Filter Advantages

  • Filters are matched to application for optimal performance
  • Consistent batch-to-batch manufacturing

Contact our optical experts can identify a precise solution to your particular filter challenge.