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Precision optical filters for fluorescence-based spectroscopic applications!

We produce optimal inteference filters that provide exceptional image contrast, optical quality and long life spans for life science, medical & analytical uses.

CONTACT US! Materion is a long-established leader for optical filters.


Fluorescence filters that perform well over a wide spectral range, from the UV through near IR. Uses include: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence imaging, microplate readers, electrophoresis scanners and PCR. Benefits include:

  • Unique built-to-fit filter models designed to customer specificatioons
  • Filters supplied in small, prototype quantity as well as in large OEM volume
  • High image quality; High throughput
  • Very low auto-fluorescence
  • Stable, durable hard oxide coatings
  • Custom-designed for use at non-standard angle of incidence
  • Batch-to-batch repeatability