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Enabling LIDAR systems with the highest performance filters!

In order to identify a weak return signal in the presence of intense background light, LIDAR optical systems require narrow, stable filters exhibiting superior discrimination. 

CONTACT US! We offer a variety of filters & elements for ground-based, airborne or space-based applications.


Our products include ultra narrow bandpass filters, beam splitters & mirrors. Beneficial features include:

  • Spectrally stable elements made to exacting tolerances & very low polarization
  • Rugged and resistant to external environments whether terrestrial or space
  • Mirrors that exhibit very high reflectance and low polarization        

Technical Capabilities

Maximizing Size
Filters with the narrowest possible multilayer interference filter technology are necessary for peak performance. Optical system optimization often requires a large filter size.  Materion maximizea the physical size of filters without sacrificing performance. 

Solar Suppression
Most space LIDAR optical systems operate in a solar environment.  Materion is experienced in providing high performance filters to minimize system thermal loads without sacrificing laser wavelength throughput.

Transmitter Optics
To survive long exposure to direct, concentrated laser energy, Materion has developed dichroic beam splitters & high efficiency mirrors to meet LIDAR applications. They exhibit high spectral performance and are space qualified & extremely stable.