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Filters designed to precisely meet our customer’s specifications!

Our optical interference filters are used for raman spectroscopy applications in multiple industries: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial/chemical, environmental, food & beverage and for diverse applications including Raman Fiber Optics Probes, Raman Process Analyzers, Raman Imaging Spectrographs and Raman Microscopes.

CONTACT US! Raman filters in a small, prototype quantity or large OEM volume.


Our high-performance Raman filters , bandpass filters, dichroic beamsplitters & notch filters cover spectral ranges from UV through near IR.

  • Broad transmission band
  • Excellent image quality
  • Steep slope and deep blocking
  • Low-to-no autofluorescence
  • Stable, durable hard oxide coatings
  • Custom-designed for use at non-standard angel of incidence

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