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 Delivering a high signal-to-noise ratio for less noise and an enhanced thermal image.


  • Antireflective coatings – for high transmission from 8-14um
  • Multi-spectral, long pass filter coatings such as 7.5um cut on filters
  • Wide Band filter coatings from 3-5um for mid wave imaging devices
  • Notch filters to protect imaging sensors from laser detection
  • Dual band imaging filters from 3-5um and 8-14 um
  • Short wave infrared filters for SWIR cameras

Benefits of our long wave coatings for wafer level packaging include:

  • Coatings can withstand temperatures up to 400 C depending on design & requirements
  • Unfiorm coatings limit bowing of wafers and allow for bonding without breakage
  • Low defects
  • CuSn coatings for lost cost bonding solutions

Benefits for discrete packaging include:

  • High volume low cost
  • Turnkey solution with Visi-LidTM Assembly
  • Metal seal rings can be applied for bonding or soldering

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