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Whether for critical space-based systems, airborne IR optical systems, enabling laser weapon systems or other scientific applications - our products are a superior choice.


As an established leader in thin film coatings, we produce consistently high quality mirrors that can be space-qualified.

  • Mirrors with > 99.9 maximum reflectance are produced routinely
  • Mirror coatings can be deposited on delicate, heat sensitive substrates
  • Very high yield process, so expensive substrates can be coated at low risk
  • Very high reflectance over a broad spectral range
  • Designed to customer requirements    


GOLD COATINGS deposited by Materion's proprietary methods have a high yield rate and provide very high reflectance over a broad spectral range. 

  • Multi band coverage  with > 99.9% reflectance, 500nm to 5000nm
  • Rugged environmental durability, space-qualified if specified
  • Laser quality coating with  low absorption/low scatter
  • High laser damage threshold
  • Small optic production quantity & large optics capability (up to 20" and 80 lbs.)

SILVER COATINGS provide durable performance for mirrors used in visible and near IR optical systems, including lasers and space-based applications.

  • Designed to customer requirements
  • Enhanced single or multiband coverage, <400 nm="" to="" 5000nm=""    ="">
  • High performance coatings of consistent quality


Capabilities of our gold and silver coatings include:

  • Coating of flat or curved optics
  • Coating of deformable mirror assemblies
  • Low mechanical stress from precision-figured optics
  • Low temperature coating process for optic safety
  • Common substrates coated include: Aluminum, Beryllium Silicon, ULE, Zerodur

Let us demonstrate the performance of our ultra high reflectant mirrors and coatings. Contact Materion Precision Optics today.