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Our filter arrays enhance system performance while reducing size and weight enabling our customers to miniaturize their systems and lower costs.


The combination of our innovative optical filter manufacturing technology, along with our precision microlithography and dicing capabilities, allows us to produce filter assemblies or patterned arrays with the following benefits:

  • Wide spectral range
  • Capture more than one transmission band with a single optical element
  • Mounted directly above the focal plane of a detector
  • Produced to meet any size or weight limitations
  • Very fine pitch
  • Cryogenic or ambient operation
  • Space qualified
  • Stray light reduction

Whether your requirement is for imaging, carbonation detection, color matching, threat warning or other applications, our filter arrays and assemblies can be tailored to meet your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our arrays that deliver superior spectral performance in defense, space & commercial optical applications.