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We can accommodate any application!

Whether you require multiple coatings on a single substrate, or patterned features on virtually any shape optic, we are your go-to supplier.

CONTACT US! Materion is a global leader in precision optical filters and thin film coatings.


 Our optical coatings can be deposited and customized to create exactly the pattern you need. Other benefits include:

  • Exceptional quality and durability
  • High and low temperature patterning accommodates all coating processes
  • Thick and thin resists to provide for thick or thin coatings
  • Front to back substrate alignment
  • Small feature sizes over large areas
  • Positive and negative resists    

Let our engineering experts help you identify the best approach for your patterning needs. Whether your application is for reticles, wafer fabrication, filter arrays, heater aperture masks, light shields, or any optical filter, we provide innovative solutions.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.