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Our customized infrared filters enable accurate gas detection or create an enhanced thermal image. We can pattern or bond multiple filters into an array, thus providing a variety of filters and coatings to meet your requirements.


Our infrared filters detect gases that have a signature in the IR spectrum from NIR through 40 microns and can protect IR detectors from harmful light waves. Applications range from flame & gas detection, automotive night vision, thermal imaging, thermography, to mechanical housings & assemblies for hermetic packaging.

  • Antireflective Coatings – Broad Band, Dual Band, Single Band, V-Coat
  • Bandpass Filters – Dual Band, Multi-Band, Narrow Band, Wide Band
  • Edge Filters – Long Pass, Short Pass, Suppressed Short Pass, Non-Polarizing
  • Miscellaneous – Beamsplitter, Gain Flattener, Dark Mirror, Neutral Density, Notch, Rugate
  •  Reflectors – Dielectric, Enhanced Metal, Protected Metal
  • Solderable coatings for hermetic sealing and mounting


Low Defect Wafer Level Packaging

  • Coatings can withstand temperatures up to 400 C depending on design & requirements
  • Uniform coatings limit bowing of wafers and allow for bonding without breakage
  • Cu/Sn coatings for low cost bonding solutions

Discrete Packaging

  • High volume low cost
  • Turnkey solution with Visi-LidTM Assembly (mechanical package, getter, solder perform, and assembly)

Gas Detection Filters

  • High reliability and repeatability
  • Low band shift with temperature/ Low band shift with angle
  • NO band shift with temperature

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