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Our maximum efficiency antireflection (AR) coating has been designed to reduce light reflection from glass surfaces and to enhance light transmittance.  While the transition of light through any optical component generally produces reflections, our innovative AR coating effectively minimizes this problem in the UV, visible or IR wavelength.


Certain optical applications can only tolerate very low defect density, usually when the glass is close to the focal plane and any particle could damage the projection image. Our low defect antireflective coatings are designed to meet those strict requirements and offer these benefits:

  • No defects >20 um
  • Up to 8 inch wafers (200mm)
  • Available in combination with IR-cut, chrome or IMITO coating
  • Bonding to other wafers available
  • Extremely stable AR coatings
  • Coating can be customized to specific application
  • Good neutrality of transmission light
  • Absorption free dielectric coating
  • Offered on any glass or plastic substrate to perform in wide spectral range

We are a global supplier and established leader for a whole range of antireflection coatings with low defect level whatever your application including: projection display, automotive, MEMs, LCoS panel with optical package, imaging sensors, ambient light sensors, laser, medical, instruments, gas sensing, and gesture control. Our problem-solving team has the engineering expertise to partner with you for a smarter solution.

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