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Because of its electrically conductive and optically transparent properties, Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) is a widely used material for counter electrodes in LCD and LCoS. However, there can be an issue with light reflectance on interfaces or surfaces. Materion considerably reduces reflectance of an ITO layer by integrating it into an anti-reflective multilayer – a so-called Index Matched ITO.


  • Electrically conductive and optically transparent
  • High physical density
  • Low specific electrical resistance
  • No pinholes
  • High environmental and temperature stability

We manufacture low defect ITO/IMITO coatings for a broad range of applications and markets including: electrode layers in LCD technology, counter electrode on lid glass for LCoS, micro-displays, electrode for heater windows, imaging sensors, electro-magnetic shielding (EMS), projection display, medical, and others.

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