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Materion has been offering infrared optical coatings for over 40 years and offers a comprehensive range of solutions for discrete optical filters, wafer level packaging coatings, and lens coatings from 3um-14um. Materion also provides turnkey solutions including IR optical coatings, metallization for discrete windows and wafer level filters, mechanical housings and optical filter assembly, and getter application. The technical team is ready to explore our many options to solve the customer’s most difficult problems to ensure competitive pricing and quality within the market.


Materion’s experience in the IR wave length region has allowed the company to offer dual band IR coatings, narrow band IR coatings, notch filters, night vision filters and arrays for many commercial and military applications. Our high endurance wafer level packaging coatings are produced in a low defect environment and can withstand eutectic bonding temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius depending on the design. Metal seal rings can also be applied to the wafer level packaging products for eutectic bonding using Au/Sn. Other wafer level packaging coating benefits include:

  • Uniform coatings to limit bowing of wafers and allow for bonding to occur without breakage
  • Low defects counts allowing for higher yields during the wafer level packaging process
  • Cu/Sn coatings for low cost bonding solutions

For your thermal imaging or automotive night vision applications, our night vision filters and long wave coatings for wafer level packaging allow for an excellent signal-to-noise ratio that will enable you to properly create an image. We also offer coatings for low cost bonding solutions that will gain an advantage in the marketplace.  Partner with us to solve your material application challenges.

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