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The optical and semiconductor industry makes wide use of chrome patterns on planar components to reduce light scattering. Materion, with our unmatched heritage and engineering expertise in thin film technology, produces high resolution, low defect chrome patterns for a variety of applications.


Our chrome patterns are of consistently high quality with low transmittance and reflectance with the edge performance of the chrome pattern contributing. Some benefits include:

  • Excellent adhesion on glass
  • High resolution pattern
  • Low pinhole density
  • High absorption capacity, low reflection in the VIS range


Our patterned chrome can be used in a variety of ways. For: apertures on lids for front projection microdisplays, masking of patterned filters for optical sensors, masking of color filters for light projection, masks for photolithography, alignment marks & patterns and micro size marking.

Whatever your market need for patterned chrome - projection display, MEMs, LCoS panel with optical package,imaging sensors, e-lighting, medical, instrument, medical - we have the engineering expertise to produce a customized solution to meet your requirement.

Contact a Materion coating engineer to learn how our expertise can enhance your semiconductor application.