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When you want to enhance the electronic display in your consumer device, our innovative photopic filter can dramatically improve visibility and improve the user experience. By adjusting the display’s backlight, not only is viewability optimized but power consumption is reduced.


We can customize a solution for your product to meet different spectrum requirements. Other benefits of our photopic filter include:

  • Ambient light sensor which can be used for applications such as mobile phones
  • Automatic control of display backlight brightness
  • Increases/decreases brightness depending on environment
  • Dramatically improves visibility
  • Unique low defect coating
  • Option: Coating can be applied directly on the CMOS silicon substrate, minimizing distance from pixel to filter

As a long established leader in precision optical filters and thin film coatings, we have the expertise to produce unique high quality products for the consumer electronic industry. Whether you manufacture smart phones, PDAs, portable games, PMP/MP3 players, digital cameras, notebooks, or other light sensor devices, our filters can help you gain an advantage in the market.

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