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Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Micro Optical Electro-Mechanical Systems  (MOEMS)  continue to expand into a wide variety of commercial applications.   MEMS and MOEMS are incorporated into a wide variety of sensors including sensors of motion, pressure, temperature, radiation, and gas composition.

Materion Precision Optics has an assortment of coating techniques for MEMS and MOEMS wafers. Our 200mm wafer fabrication can provide many of the operations required for MEMS fabrication on glass or silicon wafers.   We can deposit a wide range of UV, optical and visible coatings that are patterned by photolithography or by laser ablation.  

Materion is one of the few 200mm fabs that can perform lithography on wafers with topography (features etched on the wafer 0.2 mm deep).  We can also deposit NanoGetters™ thin film coatings to promote vacuum in sealed cavities, and metallization to support wafer bonding.   In addition to metallic coatings, Materion can deposit a wide range of dielectric coatings and ITO. 

Our wafer processing capabilities include a variety of sputtered and evaporated coatings such as:

Our large area substrate processing capabilities include:

  • Sputter deposition onto substrates up to ф1200mm or 840 mm square
    • AR coatings and filters from the UV to LWIR
    • Metal thin film stacks
  • Laser ablation patterning up to 533mm x 610 mm (link to new page)