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200mm Wafer Cell

Materion’s 200mm wafer fabrication can provide many of the operations required for MEMS fabrication on glass or silicon wafers.   In most cases MEMS are fabricated on 200mm Si or glass wafers.   Often these wafers include topographies that have been etched into their surfaces by wet chemicals or dry (plasma) etching.   Many of the unit operations and materials required to fabricate a MEMS device are unique to the MEMS industry and are not found in most standard microprocessor wafer fabs.  

We can deposit a wide range of UV, optical and visible coatings that are patterned by photolithography or by laser ablation.   We are one of the few fabs that can perform lithography on 200mm wafers with topography (features etched on the wafer 0.2 mm deep). 

Substrates Processed

  • Si or Glass
  • Si CMOS wafers
    • Patterned deposition of filter or AR coatings
  • Planar, or with etched features up to 0.3 mm deep

    Sputtered or Evaporated Optical Coatings

  • Anti-reflective or filter coatings from UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR
  • Dielectric mirror coatings
  • Optical coatings include Si, Ge, SiO2, HfO2, MgO, ITO

    Sputtered or Evaporated Metal Coatings

  • Thin film metals include Ti, Ti:W, Ni, Au, Pt, Cu, Nichrome and others
  • Enhanced metal mirrors

Patterning of Deposited Coatings

CMOS Wafer
  • Dielectric or metallic coatings
  • Deposit through a metal shadow mask
    • Low cost
  • Lift-off photolithography 
    • Compatible with planar surface or surfaces with features up to 0.2 mm deep
    • Better line resolution / pattern definition
  • Laser ablation of metal or dielectric thin films

Other 200mm Wafer Options

  • Substrates with drilled vias(through-holes)
  • Non-standard wafer thicknesses
  • Hermetic filling of vias with metal
  • Electroplating of metal seed layers

200mm Wafer Example Applications

  • Wafer-level packaging
  • Cover wafers
    • Si cover wafers for ROIC microbolometers
    • Glass cover wafers for BioMEMS and MOEMS
  • Glass Interposers
  • Thin film Nichrome heaters