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Widest range of optical filter types to meet any application!

We produce precision optical filters, optical coatings, thin film hybrid circuits and highly engineered thin film coatings & assemblies.

CONTACT US! For over 35 years, we have designed & manufactured optical filters optimized for specific applications for a broad wavelength range from UV to far IR.


With IAD, IBS, magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation coating platforms at our disposal, we surpass standard catalog offerings and design & manufacture precise solutions to meet your challenging requirements.

  • Manufacture for small batch or high volume applications
  • Custom-design for your specific requirements
  • Robust manufacturing processes & equipment produce consistent performance products
  • Can produce to conform to military environmental durability requirements specs (MIL STD-810, MIL-F-48616, MIL-C-48497, MIL-C-675 and MIL- STD 13508)

We serve diverse markets including space, science & astronomy, defense, process control, gas sensing & flame detection, thermal imaging, display, automotive sensing and medical instrumentation.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.