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We manufacture a broad range of custom-tailored linear variable filters !

Materion designs and produces both edge-type and bandpass-type variable filters within the spectral range of the visible to the mid-wave infrared.

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A unique feature of our filters is that they are designed so that the spectral property variation is linear along the lengthwise direction of the filter, depending on the customer’s needs. Benefits include: 

  • Available as Linear Variable Edge Filter (LVEF) or as Linear Variable Bandpass Filter (LVBF)
  • Designed for the level of linear dispersion required
  • Custom tailored to your specific dimensions
  • Durable, stable oxide coatings
  • Efficiently manufactured in high volume or smaller batches

Whether your filter application is for the Space, Science & Astronomy, Defense, Process Control, Automotive, Gas Sensing & Flame Detection, or Medical industry, we provide solutions.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.