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Filters tailored to optimize the performance of your products!

Our enabling technology provides superior coatings from the Ultra Violet to the Far Infrared regions of the spectrum. 

CONTACT US! Let us identify a precise solution for your filter challenge.


Our filters can be specialized for your unique needs, whether for angle of incident light, level of transmission in the transmitted region, level of blocking in the reject region, or the precision and steepness of the filter edge. Benefits include:

  • Excellent surface quality
  • High temperature durability
  • Excellent spectral uniformity over the entire filter
  • Very repeatable spectral performance
  • High transmission and very low reflectance
  • Blocking in the reject region to > 6OD
  • Low ripple in the transmit region    

We manufacture a wide range of Longwave Pass filters for applications in: space, science & astronomy, defense, process control, gas sensing & flame detection, medical instrumentation and thermal imaging industries.