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Innovative coatings provide high transmission!

Global supplier of a wide range of order sorting filters (OSFs) to meet your most demanding application.  Our specialized expertise allows us to manufacture coatings in variety of forms; traditional interference filter, a linear variable filter, an absorption filter and a patterned filter.

CONTACT US! Filters tailored to optimize the performance of your products.


Our coatings are designed to provide high transmission over the spectral region(s) selected for detection in your grating-based system.

  • Effective rejection over the wavelength ranges where undesired diffraction orders exist
  • Custom-manufactured to meet your specific challenges
  • Designs matched to best support your requirements, whether for Longpass, Bandpass, or Shortpass filter coatings

Our customers receive customized filters for their unique application, not a product from a catalog of standard filters - whatever your market, from space, science & astronomy, defense, process control, gas sensing & flame detection or medical instrumentation.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.