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High-resolution imaging over a broad spectral range!

In contrast to standard notch filters, our Rugate notch filters offer higher blocking & transmission rates and steeper edge slopes for effective optical reflection.

Conventional notches are constructed with discrete layers and cannot achieve the high performance level as with our Rugate technology.

CONTACT US! We are a global supplier of a wide range of order sorting filters.


Our filters are used for a wide variety of spectroscopically-based and laser-based applications where a laser line(s) needs to be reflected while maintaining optimum transmission outside of the notch.

  • Can be designed as single-line or multi-line notch filters
  • Can also be designed for use at any incident angle
  • Maintain excellent visibility
  • Low to no autofluorescence
  • Spectral design range: 250nm to 2500nm
  • Bandwidth (FWHM):>2% of center wavelength

We serve markets including: Space, Science & Astronomy, Defense, Process Control, Gas Sensing & Flame Detection and Medical Instrumentation.

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