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Totally customized to meet the unique needs of your application!

We optimize coatings from the Ultra Violet to the Far Infrared & tailor filters to your requirements for angle-of-incident light, level of transmission in the transmitted region, level of blocking in the reject region and precision & steepness of filter edge.

CONTACT US! We supply the global network with innovative filters.


Our wide range of high performance filters serve a variety of markets from space, science & astronomy, defense, process control, gas sensing & flame detection to medical instrumentation.

  • Excellent surface quality
  • High temperature durability
  • Excellent spectral uniformity over the entire filter
  • Very repeatable spectral performance
  • High transmission and very low reflectance
  • Blocking in the reject region to > 60D
  • Low ripple in the transmit region

We offer our customers more than a catalog of standard filters – we produce filters to match your precise need.