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Our bandpass filters are custom-designed to meet your individual requirements.

 Achieving the narrowest possible Bandwidth (FWHM) with our ultra narrow bandpass filter for a wide variety of spectroscopic & laser-based applications.  We offer filters with bandwidth at Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) selectable from Wideband to Ultra-Narrowband, for use in the ultraviolet, visible or infrared spectral regions.

CONTACT US! Designing ultra narrow bandpass filters to optimize performance.


Our filters demonstrate a high signal-to-noise performance characteristic which makes them desirable for maintaining optimal transmission.

  • Manufactured to customer specifications
  • User-specified wavelength range for blocking
  • Environmentally durable
  • Deep Blocking Density (OD 6) within blocking wavelength range
  • Low thermal coefficient which results in thermal spectral stability of CWL

For your most challenging applications in: Plasma Spectroscopy, Nuclear Fusion Plasma Diagnostics, Atmospheric Plasma Diagnostics, Solar & Stellar Astronomy, Lidar, ASE Suppression, Deep-space Optical Telecommunications and others.

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