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Superior optical goods for Digital Light Processing (DLP), 3LCD and LCoS projectors.


For DLP projectors:

  • UV/IR Blocker – Effectively removes damaging UV and unwanted IR radiation produced by broadband light sources
  • ColorWheel™– For color sequential light management in DLP™ based light engines
  • LightTunnel™ – For light integration in projection systems using DLP™ technology to optimize the light uniformity
  • Mirror - Applied for superior reflectance of visual light
  • LightGate™– The Total Internal Reflection (TIR) prism separates illuminating & imaging paths in DLP™ based light engines for superior image quality
  • Phosphor Wheel (LumiWheel™) – Applied to Solid Stage Illumination system to generate visual spectrum light by exciting laser diode light
  • Dichroic Filter – Dielectric coated interference filters which transmit certain regions of visible spectrum & reflect others with highest degree of efficiency
  • X-Plate – Expertly combines red, green & blue light from light emitting diodes (LED) sources  into one beam

For 3LCD or LCoS projectors:

  • Polarization Beam Splitter (PBS) – Used to split light into two directions without interfering with optical imaging
  • UVIR Blocker, Mirror, Dichroic Filter, and X-Plate (see above)


Our broad range of leading-edge products provide:

  • Superior optical performance in transmission, reflection and filtering
  • Accurate mechanical performance with low noise & vibration, dimension & angle tolerance
  • Highly reliable performance under extreme temperature & humidity with durable lifetime
  • Cost-effective, combining several functions within same product
  • High volume & flexible production to suit customer

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