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One of our flexible ColorWheels™ will enhance your digital projection, lighting & instrumentation applications.


All designs in our family of ColorWheels™ - MagWheel, RobustWheel, SilentWheel™, SilentWheel DB, Ultra Mini Wheel DB and WhisperWheel™ are optimized to meet the customer's needs in terms of best motor type, speed, size & cost.

  • Very low noise characteristics and increased shelf life
  • Stable colors from sputter deposition coating ensure the best quality color in projected images
  • Small size ColorWheels™ meet the requirements of the new family of ultra portable DLP™ brand projectors
  • Individual precision balancing
  • Integrated pre-assembled flexible cables
  • Patented sputtering technology for highest filter performance


SilentWheel™ - Combines the advantages of our proven ColorWheel™ with newly developed air bearing motor technology for sequential color management in multimedia projection systems such as DLPR.

  • Life expectancy far beyond existing technologies due to non-contact bearing structures
  • Lowest sound levels for applications that require minimal sound
  • Lowest vibration for quality and durability
  • High flexibility for customization

WhisperWheel™ - The motor technology of our SilentWheel™, designed for high-end projector display applications which require extremely quiet/smooth/longtime continuous stable running.

  • Lowest sound levels
  • Lowest vibration by dual plane balancing
  • Variety of configurations for broad range of applications

RobustWheel™ - Newly developed Hall sensor motor technology. Designed to solve the problem of photo sensors reacting to a dusty environment and shutting down the timing index sytem.

  • Electromagnetic sensors not affected by dust
  • Lower system cost by removing original IR Time Index Sensorand building sensor within the color wheel
  • High reliability

Materion ColorWheels™ offer a high degree of flexibility that allows specially configured designs that can be customized for: diameter, number of filter segments, motor speed, timing index mark, expert spectral tuning, and high transmission.

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