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When you need the highest degree of spectral uniformity!

Whether for projection display, imaging, lighting, or medical applications, our dielectric coated interference filters will surpass your expectations. 

CONTACT US! We produce dichroic filters with very dense coatings that provide excellent optical & mechanical stability.


Our unique and proprietary sputtering deposition process is responsible for our thick filter coatings that deliver a superior degree of efficiency.

  • Highest degree of spectral stability
  • Very low residual optical absorption loss 
  • High reflection & high transmission wavelength ranges specially adapted to LED
  • Stable to changing operating temperatures and harsh environmental conditions
  • Various glass thickness
  • Dense filter coatings with excellent optical & mechanical stability
  • High volume production capabilities
  • Flexibility in custom-designed colors, polarization planes, angles of incidence, substrate material and dimensions


The design of our new polarized dichroic filter achieves excellent transmittance by creating a compact projection light path. It improves brightness performance in high-power laser & hybrid projectors used in business, education, home theater and cinema markets.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.