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Enhanced light uniformity with compact design!

With its unique taper shape, the Materion LightFunnel™ is able to collect more light and minimize light loss. Its compact design allows for the creation of high quality ultra compact projection displays with no negative effect on color.

CONTACT US! For projection display, entertainment lighting systems, LED illumination or small projector systems applications.


All of our LightFunnel™ designs – Glue Light Funnel, LED Flat Light Funnel, Mini Light Funnel and Step Light Funnel – are optimized to meet your needs.

  • Enhanced light uniformity by high reflection
  • Less flickering effects
  • Reduced length of solid glass integrator rods by 50%
  • Less sensitivity to dust
  • Strong mechanical step-type structure
  • Manufactured to customer’s requirements for either one or two dimension taper

Materion applies its patented Silflex™ on the internal surfaces of the LightFunnel™ and also offers dielectric coated surfaces (Delflex™) when your applications need to endure high temperatures.

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.