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When you need excellent light uniformity!

Our LightTunnel™ shapes a rectangular light profile with minimum light loss. With a hollow integrator rod that is 50% shorter, it delivers superior light integration in portable business & large venue projection systems employing DLPR Technology. 

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All our LightTunnel™ designs – Housing LightTunnel, LED Step LightTunnel, Mini LightTunnel, Step LightTunnel – are optimized to meet customer requirements.

  • Enhanced light uniformity by high reflection
  • Reduced flickering effects
  • Less sensitivity to dust
  • Compact design for ultra compact projection displays
  • Strong mechanical step type structure
  • Can be fixed along the entire length of the unit without affecting internal reflectance

Our patented Silflex™ HLE7 silver coating applied on the internal surfaces of the LightTunnel™ optimizes reflectivity for LED color channel. We also offer our Deflex™ 75 dielectric coating for applications that endure the rigor of high temperatures.


  • Our MiniLightTunnel is a much shorter design than the standard 10mm length which saves space within LED/Pico projectors
  • Our Step LightTunnel and LED StepLight Tunnel have different coatings and are extremely stable structures for a long-lasting product
  • Our Housing LightTunnel is an extremely stable structure for a long lasting product without gluing

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