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Our metallic or dielectric mirrors deliver unprecedented performance and durability. Our unique coatings make our mirrors virtually insensitive to polarization and angle of incidence, and maintain the highest light output from the UV to the far infrared range.


We optimize designs in our mirror family – Deflex, Deflex Laser, Silflex, Silflex LED, Silflex Plus, Silflex-vis – to match our customer’s applications. Whether you use mirrors for telecommunications, optical sensors & instruments, laser beamsteering, laser scanning or any type of reflective optics, we have a product that delivers.

  • Unprecedented performance and durability
  • Long life times
  • Virtually free of polarization effects
  • Very low angle of incidence dependency
  • No color shift


Our line of mirror coatings have distinct benefits suitable for needs in particular industries.

  • Deflex 400 – With its dielectric coated surface (Deflex™), most suitable for high temperature applications in projection display, telecommunications, and optical sensors & instruments
  • Deflex laser – High temperature applications & high reflectivity for laser light sources such as in laser scanning mirrors or other reflective optics for VIS
  • Silflex Plus – Our new hard silver thin film coating creates a mirror that is scratch & corrosion-resistant, increasing its lifetime. Prevents adhesion of dust, oil and grease and facilitates removing surface fingerprints for increased brightness. Excellent for automotive HUD applications
  • Silflex LED – Along with the Silflex coating benefits above, the LED coating design is extremely robust and optimizes the reflectivity for LED color channel

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