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Improved Performance for Solid State Projection Systems

Our Generation 1.5 phosphor wheel offers innovative technology for the emerging solid state projection market. It increases conversion efficiency by about 10% and allows thermal components to operate at higher temperatures. 
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The new Gen 1.5 Phosphor Wheel offers these benefits.

  • Utilizes a proprietary optical coating that increases the conversion efficiency by about 10% 
  • Superior performance for projection systems using lasers greater than 100 watts of power 
  • Enhances the overall thermal efficiency of the component and allows it to operate at higher temperatures 
  • By improving conversion efficiency allows for higher brightness levels 
  • Low noise characteristics
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Stable color generation
  • Available for green, red and yellow colors as well as a segmented structure with multiple colors
  • Perfect solution for the mid-to-high end projector and projection TV markets

As the industry transforms from lamp-based to solid state illumination, Materion is committed to delivering the next innovative solution.