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Proven reliability and high projection display performance!

We specialize in custom configured designs to meet your requirements for solid stage illumination systems that convert laser diode light to different colors.

CONTACT US! Assisting applications in projection display, lighting & imaging systems.


Various configurations of Phosphor Wheels - the single color type LumiWheel™, multi-color LumiWheel™, and Hall Sensor LumiWheel™ - offer benefits for particular applications. 

  • Speed design offers a high degree of flexibility (2x, 3x, 4x)
  • Low noise characteristics
  • Motor technology
  •  Individual precision balancing
  • Stable colors
  • Integrated pre-assembled flexible cables


The LumiWheel™, in addition to the above advantages, also offers:

  • Environment-friendly, mercury-free operation
  • High brightness
  •  Extended longer life
  • Higher energy efficiency for cost savings
  • Quick turn on/off ability

The Hall Sensor LumiWheel™ combines the advantages of LumiWheel™ with newly developed Hall Sensor Motor technology to solve the problem of photo sensors reacting to a dusty environment and shutting down the timing index system.

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