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Our anti-reflective (AR) coated prisms enable high light throughput for maximum contrast and uniform images.

Our optical prisms are characterized by state-of-the-art coatings that provide excellent surface quality and superior blackening. Widely utilized in projection display, such as rear-projection televisions, they also have multiple uses in medical & life science, telescopes, microscopes, imaging, optical instruments, laser, lithography and electronic consumer devices.


We produce a variety of high quality prisms, including our patented LightGate™, LightGate-HT, Mini LightGate, Reverse LightGate and polarizing beam splitter. While each has unique features, they all possess these benefits:

  • High transmitting AR increases light throughput
  • Higher contrast by excellent surface quality & superior blackening
  • Customized masking on any surface for even higher contrast
  • Lowest image distortion by tightly controlled air gap
  • Tight color control by neutral spectral characteristics
  • High environmental durability & mechanical stability
  • Customized designs with fast prototyping
  • Highly scratch-resistant


LightGate™, combines two prisms together in a compact design. It is used to separate the illumination and imaging path in Digital Light Processing (DLPTM) based light engines.  It enables on-axis illumination, and is the key component for maximum contrast, high light throughout and consistently uniform images.

Compared to our standard LightGate™, the high transmittance (HT) version has the same features except its typical total PD system output is around 10-20% higher due to its coating. This ensures the highest achievable contrast.

The key difference from our standard LightGate™ is size. The Mini is small enough to be embedded into a Pico projector.  This makes it suitable for such applications as: micro projection display, toy & entertainment, cameras and mobile phones. It can also be customized for dimension and tolerances, offers options on a variety of glass material and has small glue width.

Polarization Beam Splitter
This prism can be installed in any location of light path under a 45 degree angle to split light into two directions without interfering with optical imaging. Its high AR coating enables minimum light loss and is highly scratch-proof.  It is used for projection display, light barriers, optical instruments, imaging, medical, and laser applications.

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