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Thermalox® beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramics from Materion provide the second highest thermal conductivity of all materials, exceeded only by diamonds. Our Thermalox products include three options: Theramlox 995, our standard BeO ceramic used in microprocessors and medical applications; Theramlox CR, designed for crucibles; and Thermalox V, the economical BeO choice. The Thermalox family of ceramics is used in a range of industries.


BeO ceramics offer thermal conductivity greater than alumina (AlN) and a low dielectric constant (6.76). These properties create improved circuit performance at high frequencies and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 9.0. Specifically, Thermalox BeO ceramics qualities include:

  • Thermalox® 995 - offers the second highest thermal conductivity of all our BeO ceramics.
  • Thermalox® CR - the purest BeO product at 99.7% was designed to make high temperature crucibles are non-reactive when it encounters other metals.
  • Thermalox® V - our newest BeO ceramic, provides significantly higher thermal conductivity (220 W/m•K) than AlN (typically 180 W/m·K), is cost competitive, making it a good choice when the application does not require the premium performance of Thermalox 995.


The Thermalox product line of ceramics is used in a range of application in the medical, industrial and electronics markets.

A major use of Thermalox 995 is to make dosimeters. These ceramic dosimeters accurately detect ionizing radiation in hospitals and nuclear power plants to provide increased worker safety. Due to the electrical insulation of Thermalox 995, this advanced ceramics is used as a substrate material and as heat sinks for the semiconductor industry. This BeO ceramic can be used to protect valuable components as part of thick film circuits and electronic packaging. In addition, Thermalox 995 can be formed into laser and gas diode components used for reading information or laser surgery.

Thermalox CR is the highest purity advanced ceramic and was designed specifically for making crucibles for melting down metals. The chemical inertness of this industrial ceramic means it can be formed into crucibles for Li-ion batteries. Thermalox CR has also been used in certain aerospace applications for thermal management.

Our newest BeO ceramic, Theramlox V, offers many of the electrical properties of other BeO technical ceramics, but with lower thermal conductivity. As an economical alternative to our standard Thermalox 995, Thermolox V’s lower thermal conductivity at 220 W/m•K, is still at least 20% higher than that of AlN.

These BeO ceramics offer customers a material that provides high performance for a variety of medical imaging applications, defense systems and electronic manufacturing.


Theramolox BeO ceramics provide special properties including high thermal conductivity, high resistance to chemical corrosion, a low dielectric constant and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 9.0. These properties make them a good intermediate to silicon and other deposited metals. Together, this makes BeO the ideal material choice for a range of critical electronic and medical applications.

Contact our BeO ceramic experts and discuss how Thermalox can improve your thermal management.