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Materials customized to meet your demanding applications!

When you have a special requirement for metal or metal alloy coatings to inhibit corrosion or protect a susceptible substrate, our expertise in thin film coating, design and deposition allows us to create unique solutions.

CONTACT US! We are the industry leader for high quality thin film coatings. 


Benefits of our high-performance thin film depositions & thin film products include:

  • Superior adhesion from material compositions of metal/metal alloys in a single or stacked layer
  • Coatings can be designed to protect a susceptible substrate from absorbing radiation through use of Al or Au to reduce emissivity
  • Coatings can be tailored for unique application or requirements due to size and/or shape of substrate and intermediate layers can be provided for further protection
  • Custom solders or eutectics can be co-evaporated or applied via sputtering from an alloy source target to surfaces and be patterned as an alternate to solder pre-forms or printed solders
  • Coatings can be applied to unique or exotic materials to meet your needs, including resin-based, polymer, metallic, non-metallic/dielectric substrates

We provide coatings for manufacturers in the aerospace, microelectronics, biomedical, science, astronomy & thermal imaging industries.