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Offering a multitude of patterning possibilities!

We produce patterns with very fine lines and spacing geometries for superior performance.

CONTACT US! Materion is the global go-to supplier for patterned thin films. 


Our thin film coatings can be patterned during deposition (in situ), or by using a photolithographic process over the coating to block the addition or subtraction of materials deposited on the substrate surface.  We offer a large selection of photolithographic resources to optimize the patterning technique for your particular application, including wet etching, dry etching and electroplating.

We can create patterns on conductive films on a wide variety of dielectric surfaces, such as ceramic, quartz, polymer film or others. 


Our broad range of products include: Flexible Thin film Circuits, Hybrid Circuits and Thin Film Thickness Standards. Benefits include: 

  • High performance as demanded by the function of a hybrid circuit or flexible thin film circuit
  • Ideal for use in microwave applications, such as an RF filter or attenuator
  • Highly customized flexible micro-circuits with varying thicknesses of polyimide & custom metal combinations.
  • Accommodate manufacturing processes such as soldering & wire bonding in the same metal configuration

Materion…delivering new levels of innovation.