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Customized AR coating to meet your application requirements!

Our multilayer antireflection coating has been designed for maximum efficiency in the required UV, visible or IR wavelengths. Our expertise in thin film coatings gives us the edge in producing extremely stable dielectric coatings on any kind of glass, quartz or plastic substrate for superior light transmission. 

CONTACT US! Superior quality AR coatings to reduce light reflection.


We partner with you to customize the appropriate AR coating for your application.

  • Good neutrality of light transmission
  • Absorption free dielectric coating
  • Mechanically and chemically resistant
  • Available in large and all standard dimensions
  • Volume production capabilities
  • Durable, chemically & mechanically
  • Comply with international optics specifications

Whether your application is for projection display, automotive, medical, instruments, laser, imaging sensor, wafer level product or other, we meet your needs for high quality antireflective optical coating products.

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