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Avoid potentially harmful heat generation!

For effective heat management in your application, our innovative cold mirror delivers high reflection of visible light while transmitting the infrared without the heat.

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When used in any application where heat build-up can cause damage or adverse effects, our cold mirrors are designed to reflect visible radiation and reduce heat. The KS93/45° is optimized for flat substrates and a 45° incidence angle, but is also available at an angle of 0° . Benefits include:

  • High reflection of visible radiation
  • High transmission of infrared energy
  • Precise transition from reflection to transmission
  • Good neutrality of reflected light
  • Absorption free dielectric coating
  • Mechanically and chemically resistant
  • Defined color temperature on request

Our cold mirror can be used in a multiple applications from image projection, copy machines, medical instruments, fiber optic illumination, instrumentation & more.