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Increase yields and minimize downtime - replace traditional slugs with custom designed starter sources!

We design evaporation starter sources to fit into the hearts of electron beam systems.  They can be used for the manufacture of products in a wide variety of industries including wireless devices, LEDs, medical devices, optical coatings, functional coatings and more.


Using a starter source provides a more stable process resulting in uniform evaporation since the inconsistent topography of slugs is eliminated. This provides a more uniform surface for the beam to sweep. This translates into a more consistent use of power requiring less adjustment to reach optimal coating rates.

> Nickel   > Gold   > Titanium   > Platinum   > Aluminum   > Chromium   > Copper     
> Plus over 20+ alloy compositions

Read more about how starter sources can improve your yield and reduce downtime.

CONTACT US for questions about transitioning to innovative starter sources. We also supply traditional evaporation materials from slugs, pellets, random pieces & crucible liners.


When we create new designs, a number of factors are considered to maximize charge utilization and minimize both spitting and power consumption during deposition.

  • Starter sources developed to meet customer's specific requirements
  • Improved yields, lower costs
  • Significantly lower spitting rates during the deposition process        
  • Maximized machine uptime
  • Elimination of the need for crucible liners means additional savings

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