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Thin film deposition products and assistance for each step of your coating process.

In addition to our extensive portfolio of over 1800 inorganic PVD compounds and our customized materials management programs, Materion also offers process consumables.

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  • Backing Plates  Standard and custom designs are CNC machined from traditional and specialty materials
  • Crucible Liners improve thermal stability and reduce heat transfer to the crucible
  • Silvertech PT-1 Sputtering target bonding epoxy produces strong bonds in high-temperature sputtering processes
  • Thermotech TE Sputtering target bonding epoxy for use in high-vacuum sputtering processes

Consumable products are part of Materion's complete line of PVD solutions that include related services such as precious metal recovery and refining. We also offers sputtering target bonding service, with bonding processes ranging from solder bonding, diffusion bonding, and additional, proprietary methods of high-temperature bonding. 

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