Crucible Liners

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Crucible liners are an integral part of coating success!

Many electron beam evaporation processes rely on Materion liners to increase the evaporation rate and reduce cycle time & improve throughput.

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Liner selection depends on the evaporation material and equipment.

> Al2O3    > Carbon/Graphite    > Copper    > Molybdenum
> PT - Graphite   > Tantalum   > Tungsten    > Others

Learn more about how to improve evaporation performance in our Technical Paper on Developing a Fundamental Understanding of Gold Spitting.


Size     A       D 
7cc   1.167   Ref.   0.563    0.093 
15cc   1.480   Ref.   0.670   0.125
25cc   1.850   Ref.   0.680   0.093
40cc   2.000   Ref.   1.062   0.250

Other thin film deposition products & services include EVAPro™, ultra high purity evaporation materials, precision parts cleaning, precious metals management, and recycling & refining,   


  • Enable quick material changes to minimize chamber downtime
  • Improve thermal  stability and reduce heat transfer to the crucible
  • Reduce power requirements and lower the cost of ownership
  • In certain processes, liner preconditioning can improve thin film properties & yields
  • Minimize crucible damage and maintenance