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Thermotech TE Vacuum Paste

Thermotech TE is a silver-filled, electrically conductive high-vacuum compound specifically manufactured for sputtering operations.  It combines excellent thermal and electrical properties with a low vapor pressure sealant to withstand high vacuum operating ranges. 

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When Thermotech TE is applied, it flows into the small scratches and surface imperfections of the sputtering target and cooling plate, providing substantially better bonding and target cooling.

      Property     Value       
    Operating Temperature Range   10°C to 160°C      
    Vapor Pressure @ 20°C   2 x 10-9 Torr      
    Density   1.97 g/cc      
    Color   Gray      


Thermotech TE vacuum paste has good electrical conductivity, making it compatible with DC sputtering operations. It also offers these benefits:

  • It does not contain silicone and is non-hardening
  • It absorbs grease and other impurities on metal surfaces
  • It cleans up easily and completely with acetone or methanol 
  • It is available in single-use kits based on target size