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Over 1800 thin film deposition materials for every imaginable coating process!

Our inorganic chemicals, precious & non-precious metals and ceramic offerings support all major OEM platforms and target configurations.


  • Sputtering targets in nearly any shape, size or material composition 
  • Evaporation materials in standard and custom forms, including pre-melted materials and EVAPro™, our high-purity, low-spitting materials
  • PVD consumables, including backing plates and silver epoxy cement
  • Materials ranging from alloys and cermets, carbides, fluorides, nitrides, oxides, silicides et. al., and standard PVD precious metals, magnetic alloys & rare earth elements

CONTACT US! See how 50 years of expertise can resolve your thin film coating challenges.


  • We partner with you to design unique target configurations and develop materials that can increase yields and reduce downtime 
  • Our sputtering targets are produced with ideal purity, homogeneity and grain size to ensure repeatable thin film uniformity and long target life
  • We offer associated services such as target bonding, shield kit cleaning, precious metal refining and custom chemical synthesis
  • We are experienced in handling sensitive and dangerous materials and will assist you with proper handling practices to protect your employees and the environment

Materion...Materials to advance the world's technologies