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Does your coating process call for large area coverage?

Our high performance large geometry planar and rotatable sputtering targets can meet that need! Available in precious and non-precious metals, Materion can custom-design large area sputtering targets for your particular process.

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Our in-house material synthesis and manufacturing operations enable us to provide market-leading value in large area sputtering targets.  Benefits of our targets include:

  • Fine, uniform grain structure for consistent coverage
  • Large geometry targets in sectional or monolithic design, up to 4 meters in length
  • Planar or rotatable formats available
  • Variety of target materials: Ag, precious metal alloys, Cr, Cu, Ti, Stainless Steel, Zn, Sn
  • High density materials for longer coating runs, reducing chamber downtime for target replacement and associated equipment maintenance
  • Broad range of materials for large area glass more


Critical to the performance of large area sputtering targets, is its grain structure. Uniformly sized, equiaxed grains produce consistent films and enable steady-state sputtering processes. Our Super Fine Grain (SFG) sputtering targets are created by our proprietary process and guarantee optimized grain structure for consistent performance.

We also offer complementary products and services including backing plates and target bonding, precision parts cleaning, recycling and refining, and precious metals management.