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Reduce the cost of ownership for large area coating operations!

Compared to planar configurations, our cylindrical sputtering targets offer:

  • Larger erosion zones that provide 2 to 2.5 times the material utilization
  • Longer target life that reduces the frequency of downtime for changeouts and chamber maintenance
  • Custom manufacturing in monolithic, segmented or thermal spray formats
  • End features that are precision machined for individual cathode system designs    

CONTACT MATERION! See how our technical expertise in non-traditional materials can meet your challenges.


  • Variety of materials including: Silver (Ag), Nickel-Vanadium (NiV), Cadmium-Tin (CdSn), and innovative alloys or ceramics developed specifically for your application. Read more about Materials for Solar Applications
  • Optimum grain size and uniform microstructure assure consistent process performance through full end of life
  • Complete homogeneity and high purity levels produce consistent coverage
  • Able to supply materials to any size operation from R&D to full-scale production


Fabrication processes vary based on material composition, application process and product end use, and include:

  > Casting        > Forging
  > Hot & cold isostatic pressing       > Inert gas hot-pressing
  > Plasma spray       > Precision machining
  > Sintering       > Vacuum melting