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Super Fine Grain (SFG™) enhances target performance!

Materion has developed manufacturing technology to resolve the challenges of grain structure as a key factor in a sputtering target’s process performance.  By properly controlling the grain structure of the target, we enable higher yielding, more consistent deposition processes. 

CONTACT MATERION and see the advantages of our proprietary methods for a broad portfolio of sputtering materials.


Our Super Fine Grain technologies optimize the microstructure of non-ferrous sputtering targets so users can: 

  • Maintain excellent film deposition uniformity
  • Stabilize sputtering process parameters
  • Experience consistent material performance from target-to-target and lot-to-lot
  • Achieve the highest quality thin film with the lowest cost of ownership

Our sputtering experts can determine the best SFG™ manufacturing methods based on your product and process to produce targets in nearly any shape or size.


We also offer a full line of sputtering consumables and services: