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Vibration Casting Technology can decrease grain size by as much as 90%!

Materion has developed a method to refine the grain structure of brittle metals without the risk of cracking or breaking. Sputtering target grain structures are typically refined by a combination of metal working and heat treating techniques, but many non-ductile alloys cannot withstand these metal working processes.

To resolve the challenge of refining grain structure of brittle metals without mechanically working them, Materion applies VCT™ to the metal as it solidifies. This decreases grain size and enables  users to:

  • Stabilize sputtering process parameters
  • Improve film uniformity
  • Raise process yields
  • Increase chamber utilization rates

CONTACT MATERION!Our sputtering experts can determine the best vibration casting methods for your product and process.


Materion addresses other technical issues when dealing with certain metals.

  • Brittle alloys, such as AuSn or AuGe, often exhibit large and varying grain sizes, creating instability in the thin film deposition process  
  • Vibrational frequencies and amplitudes must be carefully selected based on material type, target configuration, and desired grain structure
  • Challenges of sputtering in PVD processes...Read technical paper for more information

In addition to the VCT™ Materion offers a full line of sputtering consumables and services, including backing plates, target bonding, precision parts cleaning, recycling & refining and precious metals management.