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Materion Advanced Materials Group has reviewed the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC Version 5.1 - 2016). The EICC outlines best practices for global companies supporting the electronics industry. Materion supports these practices for its organization and has flowed this commitment to its suppliers through its Supplier Quality Manual and its Supplier Code of Conduct. Materion adheres to the principles outlined in the EICC. The sections below provide an overview of how Materion adheres to the EICC. For more information regarding how Materion is working to adhere to the EICC, please contact our Director of Quality.

Section A - Labor

All Materion Advanced Materials Group locations are subject to their respective local labor laws. As a company, Materion Advanced Materials Group meets or exceeds all labor guidelines outlined in the EICC. Our Human Resource organization and Operational leaders maintain the highest standards for labor compliance.

Section B & C - Environmental, Health & Safety

At MATERION Advanced Materials Group, Environmental Health & Safety guidelines are essential to keeping our workforce on the job, in safe conditions, and in environments that not only protect them but the entire organization and community. Our company has adopted the ISO14001 standard for our Environmental Compliance and as an organization, has developed long range plans to adopt the OSHAS18001 standard for Health & Safety Compliance. At MATERION Advanced Materials Group, critical EH&S metrics have been incorporated into performance measurements for all layers of the organization to demonstrate commitment to these principles.

Section D - Ethics

MATERION Advanced Materials Group is part of Materion headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Materion and MATERION Advanced Materials Group are committed to ethics throughout the entire organization.

Section E - Management Systems

This letter provides notification of top management support for principles outlined in the EICC. Compliance to the EICC will be reviewed and monitored through our corporate ISO9001 system, overseen by our Director of Quality.