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Performance Alloys - FAQ's on Health and Safety


  1. PDF icon Banning or Restricting of Copper Beryllium in Products (FAQ 100)

  2. PDF icon Copper Beryllium and Recycling (FAQ 101)

  3. PDF icon Airborne Beryllium Levels and Exposure Assessment (FAQ 102)

  4. PDF icon Beryllium and Housekeeping (FAQ 103)

  5. PDF icon Beryllium Blood Lymphocyte Proliferation Test (BeBLPT) (FAQ 105)

  6. PDF icon Material Declaration of Copper Beryllium in Products (FAQ 106)

  7. PDF icon Occupational Exposure Values from ACGIH (FAQ 107)

  8. PDF icon Copper Beryllium and Skin Contact (FAQ 108)

  9. PDF icon California Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for Beryllium (FAQ 109)

  10. PDF icon Chronic Beryllium Disease (FAQ 110)

  11. PDF icon REACH and Beryllium Alloys (FAQ 111)

  12. PDF icon Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Containing Copper Beryllium Alloys (FAQ 112)

  13. PDF icon OSHA and the Beryllium Standard (FAQ 114)